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With all professional sports, music festivals and concerts on hold, Beats By Dre needed to pivot their launch strategy during quarantine. We made the decision to jump into the emerging e-sports arena announcing a partnership with FaZe Clan, a crew of celebrity gamers, vloggers, and lifestyle influencers who were living isolated in a mansion together in LA. But how do you announce such a ground breaking a partnership during a pandemic?

We drew inspiration from Call of Duty, the game that made FaZe Clan famous and dropped them a care package just like in the video game. A fully stocked drone dropped a payload at the FaZe Clan mansion on their 10th anniversary. Inside was unreleased Power Beats Pros in new never before seen colors.

Beats X FaZe Gym
To take things to the next level and bring FaZe into the sports arena we built a Beats x FaZe gym at their house for them to work out during quarantine for massive gains in both gamer muscle and Beats brand recognition.

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Matthews Do-Nuts was a family business from 1953-1981 in Rocks Springs, WY. Donuts were 5¢, coffee was 10¢ and a burger with fries and a Coke ran you 35¢.

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