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What better way to "Watch Like a King" than on the shoulders of NCAA legend, Chris Webber?

King Heads
We capitalized on the trend of printing out "big heads" of yourself by setting up a photo booth and printing station where people could make their own big head, with a BK crown on top, and bring it into the game.

Crown Cars
Rather than taking an Uber, we created our own Burger King "Crown Service" that took fans wherever they needed to go with one hitch, a free pit stop at a local Burger King.

We posted foam fingers onto Dallas landmarks encouraging everyone to "Watch Like A King."

Throne Installation
How can you #WatchLikeaKing if you don't have a throne? We made a giant throne for people to sit on, take some Instagram pics, and win awesome prizes.

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Matthews Do-Nuts was a family business from 1953-1981 in Rocks Springs, WY. Donuts were 5¢, coffee was 10¢ and a burger with fries and a Coke ran you 35¢.

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