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Marijuana legalization is good. But what people rarely consider is it often only benefits the privileged few. We partnered with Drug Policy Alliance to create a fake marijuana dispensary that showed a glimpse of what could happen in NYC if we don't #LegalizeItRight.

First we made a site for Country Club Cannabis, the place where the 1% gets high.

Next we took over a storefront to make it feel real.

And wild postings covered Manhattan, too.

Word eventually spread to Reddit and the press. They hated it, but they were getting it.

Once interest peaked, we urged people to do something about it. All social media channels and the website for Country Club Cannabis were flipped to a petition for inclusive legalization. #LegalizeItRight

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Matthews Do-Nuts was a family business from 1953-1981 in Rocks Springs, WY. Donuts were 5¢, coffee was 10¢ and a burger with fries and a Coke ran you 35¢.

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